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Dear Neighbors,

As we reflect on this year, we find ourselves both humbled and grateful. Extraordinary global changes have affected all of us at the most local level, and we were in awe as our community stepped up to respond.

In times of such uncertainty and anxiety, it would have been easy for each of us to focus inward. Instead, we were inspired by how many looked beyond their own situations to help their neighbors in need. From the brand new business and individual donors who answered the call, to longtime supporters whose commitment has never wavered, we thank you. We witnessed local professionals and individuals donate their services to help raise awareness and funds for our cause while our staff, board members, and volunteers all approached their work with creativity, flexibility, and a new resolve. And we proudly supported new initiatives within our community including the school district’s program to address food insecurity and Concord Together’s efforts to support our local business community. 

If adversity is the truest test of character, then our community passed with flying colors and showed its deep-rooted commitment to helping the most vulnerable among us. We have no idea what the future holds, but remain hopeful and optimistic, knowing that whatever challenges we face, you will be there to help us rise to meet them. 

With thanks,

Liza Carey and Ali Sullivan, Co-Presidents 2019-2020

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