2018 Grant Allocations team

The Community Chest Grant Allocations committee is comprised of over 30 volunteer community residents and Chest Board members. The Committee is divided into teams and performs due diligence by reviewing program applications, conducting site visits and interviews and making program funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Chest Board of Directors synthesizes all information and recommendations to make final funding decisions.

CCCC Grant allocations Timeline (General)

December – grant applications available

January – completed grant applications returned to Chest office

February-April – grant application review and site visits by Grant Allocations Teams

May – Board of Directors makes final funding decisions

June – Grants presented at CCCC Annual Day of Giving

2017-2018 Grant Allocations Committee

Jim Balfour
Beth Baryiamas
Amy Beamer
Warren Brown
Nick Bruning
Jenny Burke
Lisa Chaffin
Lindsey Dempsey
Emily DiRocco
Joan Eagen
Lauree Eckler
Bernadette Feeney
Jen Fingado
Carrie Finizio
Chris Fisher
Sarah Hart
Kristen Heintz-Perkins
Lori Hick
Deb Kavaler
Melissa Koester
Elaine Labrecque
Carrie Mrazek Lamont
Robin Malouf
Jen Nash
Kristin Piper
Halsey Platt
Jo Poole
Rachel Sones
Heather Swartwood
Erika Toomey
Krissy Tyson
Jim Vahey
Gary Vilchick
Sara Wilson