Each year, thousands of community members contribute to the Chest – by donating funds, volunteering time, serving as business leaders, or acting as Chest ambassadors by speaking with friends about our important work. We are truly grateful for the support! Below, some community members share thoughts about their involvement with the Chest.

Deborah Garfield, Executive Director, The Eliot Center

Deborah Garfield, Executive Director, The Eliot Center

“The Community Chest has a long history of funding innovative and outstanding services to the community. Thanks to the Chest, The Eliot Center is able to guarantee access to mental health services and offer comprehensive supports to ALL Concord and Carlisle residents.”

Harriet and Gene Parish

Harriet and Gene Parish moved to Concord 57 years ago, raised three children who are now in their 50’s, and have four granddaughters. The Parishes began giving to the Community Chest 35 years ago, and have continued to donate every year since. “We believe in what you do,” Harriet explains. “Giving to organizations that really need help—whatever their mission is.”

Now retired, Gene was a mechanical engineer and worked for Arthur D. Little for more than 20 years. Harriet was a homemaker until her children were in high school, and then worked for the Concord-Carlisle Adult & Community Education program for 15 years before retiring. Both have done considerable volunteer work for the Concord Council on Aging, FISH, and the Trinitarian Congregational Church.

Prior to living in Concord, the Parish’s lived in Boston and donated to the United Way, but after moving to Concord, their giving preferences changed. “We prefer to give locally and like the idea of writing one check, knowing it will go to agencies we are familiar with.”

Parent of a Teen Buddy participant

“My son is shy, and this program has helped him to forge new relationships and come out of his shell. It is one place that we count on that he can be successful socially.”

John Fossett, Local Business Leader

John Fossett, Local Business Leader

“It gives our family great pleasure to support a respected, innovative and effective organization that does so many wonderful things to make the Concord and Carlisle communities such exceptional and supportive places to live and work and to raise families.”

David Klein, Executive Director, Carlisle Council On Aging

David Klein, Executive Director, Carlisle Council on Aging

“We’re grateful that through the Community Chest the Carlisle COA has been able to fund very important community programs such as a part-time Social Worker and timely respite care for families with older relatives in need.”

Henry Vaillant, Community Chest Board Member

Henry Vaillant, Community Chest Board Member

“When I was a boy, I used to play a lot of Monopoly. Often I would land on: ‘Community Chest. Pay $150.’ Thus were habits formed. Now that I’m enjoying my second childhood I remain an avid supporter. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Sally Quinn Reed, Executive Director, Center For Parents & Teachers

Sally Quinn Reed, Executive Director, Center for Parents & Teachers

“The Community Chest is a powerhouse in Concord and Carlisle. It is the base of support from which many local initiatives spring forth. Our towns are special communities with exceptional services available, and it is largely due to the support of the Community Chest. The Chest helps to make Concord and Carlisle healthy and happy places to live and work!”

Sarah and Jeff Newton

We feel so fortunate to have had the chance to raise our kids in a town of great beauty, with wonderful educational opportunities, and a real sense of community. The Chest plays a vital role in this community by allocating its limited resources across a broad spectrum of need and thereby helping to maintain that sense of community. The Community Chest is making a real difference.”

Valerie Kolligian Thayer, Community Chest Overseer & Committee Member

Valerie Kolligian Thayer, Community Chest Overseer & Committee Member

“Volunteering for the Community Chest has helped to shape my opinions about community service, philanthropic priorities and so much more. With a single gift, our donors are able to reach hundreds of individuals right here in Concord and Carlisle who struggle on a daily basis with a broad spectrum of issues. The Chest carefully stewards its resources and subjects every request for funds to a stringent review process. This thoughtful approach provides our donors with the assurance that their gifts are as impactful as possible on a local level. As a past President of the Board, I am thrilled to continue to support the Chest as a donor, an overseer and as a member of two committees. I can’t think of a better way to be supportive of my community and my neighbors in need.”

Alison Sullivan, Community Chest Volunteer & Committee Member

Alison Sullivan, Community Chest Volunteer & Committee Member

“I think a lot of people in our community aren’t fully aware of the breadth of programs the Community Chest supports. It isn’t just critical services to residents in need, but also innovative programs like Teen Buddies that help strengthen our community. As a volunteer for the Chest, I believe my biggest responsibility is to spread the word about all that the Chest does, so that all Concord and Carlisle residents will continue to benefit from those services in the future.”

Jack and Cynthia LaMothe

“Giving to the Community Chest is a trusted way to give one gift to a carefully selected and researched group of needy organizations, most of which are related to Concord.”

Diana Rigby, Superintendent of schools, CPS & CCHS

“The towns of Concord and Carlisle have an abundance of wonderful resources to support our youth. Unfortunately, they tend to operate as individual silos. It takes the vision, networks and collaborative nature of the Youth Services Coordinator to maximize the success and expand the potential of these wonderful programs for our young people.”

Stephanie Stillman, Executive Director, Concord Chamber Of Commerce

Stephanie Stillman, Executive Director, Concord Chamber of Commerce

“The Chamber of Commerce, like the Chest, has a more than 60-year history of working to strengthen our community. We are proud to sponsor Concord Give Back Day, a day that provides donations to the Chest and encourages shopping locally. A stronger community benefits us all.”

Dennis and Elizabeth T. Berk

“We know that our gift will be ‘invested’ wisely to meet the diverse needs in Concord and Carlisle.”