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When Dennis and Elizabeth T. Berk send their donation to the Community Chest, they “know that our gift will be ‘invested’ wisely to meet the diverse needs in Concord and Carlisle.” The Berks have lived in Concord for 30 years; Dennis practices medicine at Emerson Hospital, and Elizabeth is very active volunteering for many organizations in town, including the Chest where she served on the board for more than two terms and is now an overseer.

It was this involvement that allowed her to understand and appreciate the thoroughness of the allocations process—and to assure her that donor dollars are used carefully to support those member agencies providing the best services in the most efficient manner. As a board member of an agency receiving Chest funds, then, Elizabeth gained an appreciation for the accountability required of any agency receiving Chest support. The Berks consider the Chest to be a Concord-Carlisle “treasure,” one that makes the community—and everyone in it—stronger.

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