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Sarah and Jeff Newton have lived in Concord for over 20 years, and have been raising their three children, two of whom are now in college.  Their philanthropic priorities have ranged from the schools they attended, to medical research and the arts, and they have always included Concord area organizations like the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest when they give.

Sarah served on the Chest’s Allocations Committee for three years before serving on the Board of Directors for six, where she co-chaired the annual campaign for three years.  “Serving on allocations gave me an intense look at the need of so many Concord and Carlisle residents, and the varied ways that the Chest helps different kinds of people and organizations.  The allocations process is rigorous, diligent and thoughtful, and my exposure to that process gave us a great deal of confidence in supporting the Chest financially,” said Sarah.

A priority for both Sarah and Jeff is providing support through the Chest that is targeted at local need and delivered quickly.  “The Community Chest is deeply involved in and connected to every key social service provider in town, and Astrid and Stephanie have their fingers on the pulse of that need. Unfortunately these needs have grown dramatically with the slumping economy, so we decided to increase our level of financial support this past year.”

Jeff explains their position very simply. “We feel so fortunate to have had the chance to raise our kids in a town of great beauty, with wonderful educational opportunities, and a real sense of community.  The Chest plays a vital role in this community by allocating its limited resources across a broad spectrum of need and thereby helping to maintain that sense of community.  The Community Chest is making a real difference.”

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