Grant Review Process Underway

A team of 35 dedicated volunteers from Concord and Carlisle gathered to begin the important annual review of grant applications received by the Chest.

This year, the Chest received 30 applications for funding from local programs and non-profits, which will be carefully evaluated over the next several months. Members of the Grant Allocations Committee include: Faith Bade, Kevin Balboni, Susanna, Barton, Alyson Becker, Sandy Caggiano, Paul Caliandro, Pam Callahan, Jim Carter, Hedi Charde, Lauren Dillon, Kelly Driscoll, Jean Easterday, Christina Economos, Mark Engerman, Jeff Fraser, Bob Furey, Jennifer Gates, Natalie Gekle, Sarah Hoch, Laura Hoffman, Ben James, Caty Kessler, Heather MacPhee, Greg Mueller, Lesley Nesbitt, Meri-Sue Nuzum, Seema Peterson, Wade Rubinstein, Sally Schnitzer, Carol Smith, Jennifer Soillis, Alison Sullivan, Beth Thut, Richard Wells and Dianne Wesselhoeft. Thank you for all of your work!

Committee Photo Grant Alloc IMG 1701