Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Newsletter January 2013

Letter From the Office:

The cold weather has hampered many outdoor activities, but it hasn’t prevented the Community Chest from keeping active!

The Community Chest began the new year with a full and rich calendar. Its first event of 2013 occurred on January 15th, when Dr. Edward Hallowell spoke to community members in an entertaining and informative presentation at the Fenn School.  The Allocations Committee also convened this month to begin its important work of evaluating grant requests of 30 local human services agencies.  Articles detailing both events are included in this newsletter.

Looking forward, the Chest is planning an educational event to service the agencies we support and additionally, we are exploring ways to celebrate “Women in Philanthropy” this March.  Stay tuned…

Recently, The Chest received requests to help a homeless young man and a teenage girl, unexpectedly alone during the holidays.  We felt fortunate to have the resources to be able to respond to these requests and help these young neighbors in need.

We have received gifts from over 1100 community members to put the Chest at 72% of its goal of $650,000 for its 2012-2013 Annual Campaign.  The campaign continues through June 30th, the end of our fiscal year.

We thank you for your continued support and wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!

Astrid and Christine  


Replay of Dr. Edward Hallowell’s presentation available online!
   Dr. Edward M. Hallowell
Promoting Learning & Lifelong Joy in this CrazyBusy World

The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest hosted a special community evening on Tuesday, January 15th, featuring guest speaker, Dr. Edward Hallowell.  The event, held at the Fenn School, began with a donor recognition reception and was followed by Dr. Hallowell’s presentation, which attracted several hundred audience members.  Dr. Hallowell, an adult and child psychiatrist, is a New York Times best-selling author, world-renowned speaker and leading authority in the field of ADHD.

Dr. Hallowell’s informative and entertaining presentation addressed his five-step plan for promoting successful learning and lifelong joy in the supercharged and CRAZYBUSY world in which we live.  Based upon the latest research, Dr. Hallowell identified the five key concepts of Connection, Play, Practice, Mastery and Recognition.  Dr. Hallowell asserts that by adopting a lifestyle that embraces these concepts, an individual will naturally develop healthy self-esteem, moral awareness, spiritual values and connectedness to community.   “Parents want to teach their children moral behavior or supply their children with self-esteem”, he stated.  “This approach is well-meaning, but it doesn’t work because it is artificial.  You cannot tell a person to “just be happy”.  They must have learned all of the steps it takes to sustain lifelong joy.”

Click here to view a videotaped replay of Dr. Hallowell’s presentation.


Concord-Carlisle Community Chest
2012-13 Allocations Process Underway
allocations 2013 chairs
2013 Community Chest Allocations Committee Chairs:
Ann Sgarzi, Amy Capofreddi and Wade Rubinstein


The Community Chest’s 2013 Allocations Committee convened last week to begin the annual allocations process.  Essentially the heart of the work of the Chest, the Allocations Committee is charged with careful review of each agency grant application received by the Chest.  After extensive research, interviews and consideration, committee members submit funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. The work of the committee continues for the next ten weeks, with awards being announced and presented at the Day of Giving in early June.  Last year, the Allocations Committee recommended funding approximately $540,000 in requests from 30 local agencies. This year, the Chest received funding requests from 30 agencies in the amount of $601,000.  The Chest is grateful to the following 32 members of the Concord and Carlisle communities who volunteer their time to serve on the Allocations Committee:

Phil Adams, Bonnie Baker, Karen Belinsky, Alyssa Bigay, Walter Birge, Greg Bondick, Johanna Boynton, Aura Bruce, Kara Buckley, Debbie Canally, Amy Capofreddi, Liza Carey, Jay Copeland, Laura Davidian, John Drew, Jean Easterday, Pam Goar, Nan Harbison, Liz Harvey, Ben James, Cary Keller, Nancy White Lippe, Paul Mahoney, Keith Miller, Candace Nelson, Judy Perkins, Seema Peterson, Wade Rubinstein, Ann Sgarzi, Ann Sharpe, Trish Siefer, Henry Vaillant, Lora Venesy, Amy Versaggi, Ellen Whitney.