Concord-Carlisle Community Chest needs your help

September 24, 2015 | CONCORD

By Faith Bade

I can think of so many times my neighbors have helped me. Plowing me out. Helping with a sick child. Walking my dogs. Advising on parenting. Making me laugh. My neighbors have babysat my children, driven me to the hospital and fed my family. We are neighbors, and I feel so lucky to be the recipient of their care.

I love our community, and I worry we may lose this sense of neighbor helping neighbor. There are so many neighbors in our community who need help. Do you know someone who is in need? Do you have a need? Are you in a domestic violence situation? Do you require legal advice? Do you need transportation to medical appointments? Does your child need early intervention due to a physical or learning disability? Do you need help in getting food on the table? Do you need mental health care? Do you need financial assistance to send your child to preschool, daycare, after-school care, or camp?

The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest knows about need. The Community Chest is about neighbors helping neighbors. The Community Chest began as a rebel, breaking away from a predecessor of the United Way in 1947 to focus on local fundraising and programs. Past Board President Mary Johnson, whose husband was a founder, said accountability was a key reason for the change. “When you give locally you knew where your money was going,” she said. Carlisle joined with Concord in 1968 to form a community organization to “give where you live” benefiting residents of Concord and Carlisle.

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