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First Connections

First Connections provides comprehensive parenting education and support services to families with children from birth through age eight.  These services include parent/child activities, First Year of Life parent support, as well as educational seminars and support groups aimed at fostering healthy parenting. Additionally, First Connections provides a gateway for families to find and access high quality preschool and support services.
Funding from the Community Chest Allocations Grant supports the cost of providing this programming, which has helped guide parents and families through the first several years of the parenting journey for over 25 years.

With the Cornerstone Initiative Innovation Grant, First Connections will be able to fund two new offerings within their Playgroup Program, both addressing specific opportunities and needs. One playgroup will be Mandarin Story Time, which will attract Chinese families, many of whom are first generation residents and would benefit from early community engagement. The other addition will be a Social Skills Playgroup, conceived by the First Connections team in collaboration with mental health experts.
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