Grants allocated for 2017-2018


Carlisle Council on Aging: Assistance for a part time social worker, geriatric care management, and respite care assistance to improve the quality of life for seniors in Carlisle.

Concord Council on Aging: Partial funding for three staff positions: a volunteer coordinator to maximize volunteer impact; an outreach coordinator to provide seniors with in home visits and assessments; and a social services coordinator to provide quality assistance for seniors living in Concord.

Cooperative Elder Services: Scholarships for frail elders and disabled adults who are unable to afford the daily cost of attending a day health and social day care center.

Minuteman Senior Services: Information and referral services, health benefits counseling, caregiver support, elder protective services, and Meals on Wheels programs which help seniors age in their own homes and communities.


Discovery Museum of Acton: Funding for the Especially for Me program through which museum visits are free, easier and more rewarding for local families with children facing challenges.

The Eliot Center: To reduce fees for outpatient mental health services and support case management services not reimbursable under insurance.

Friday Night Fun Club: Quality, structured social programs for area special need adults, including full funding for the cost of activities for Concord residents.

Grow A Strong Family: To provide free seminars that offer family members effective tools and educational resources to manage changes in the family when a loved one has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Minute Man Arc for Human Services, Inc.: Funding to fill gaps in state reimbursement for an early intervention program, as well as funding for a family services program, both of which enhance the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities.

The Nature Connection: Program visits, caregiver training and family caregiver training for three Concord-based sites that receive tailored, traveling, nature-based therapeutic programs..


Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ): For general operating funds to support the C4RJ program, which offers an alternative to the traditional judicial system..

Community Services Coordinator: A significant portion of the coordinator’s position, which offers referral and related services for families and individuals in need throughout Concord and Carlisle.

Dignity In Asylum (DIAS): Cost for providing housing, food and assistance for one or more asylum seekers currently waiting on a long list.

Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN): The recruitment, training and supervision of victim advocates and a coordinated and compassionate community response to — and support for — victims of domestic violence in Concord and Carlisle.

Emerson Hospital Pediatric Intervention: Pediatric coping kits which contain stress reduction tools designed to aid children’s emotional well-being in the hospital environment.

Gaining Ground: Farm volunteer and food donation programs which supply organically raised produce to local food pantries and shelters, helping to provide food to more than 100 people.

Household Goods: Operations at Household Goods, which distributes recycled household goods to needy individuals and families in local communities.

MASS211, Inc.: A state-wide initiative to provide a universal 2-1-1 telephone number for locating social services and volunteer opportunities.

Open Table: A dairy protein program, which allows the purchase of milk, eggs and cheese for the weekly food pantry in Concord.

Virginia Thurston Healing Garden: To help fund the Rebuilding Resilience Retreat for cancer patients from Concord and Carlisle who are in treatment at the MGH Cancer Center at Emerson Hospital – Bethke.


Center for Parents and Teachers: Funding for the staffing costs to plan and implement the CPT’s parenting education and teacher training programs, and to maintain the Curriculum Lending Library.

Concord Art: Painting class for talented art students from the Walden Street School to study in a more advanced setting in order to boost self-esteem, advance art skills and encourage well being.

Concord-Carlisle Adult and Community Education: Direct financial aid to students to reduce individual course fees for approximately 150 qualified families and individuals.

First Connections: To support the full array of services offered including parent/child activities; parent support groups; educational seminars; and individual consultation, information and support.

Concord Public Schools, Teen Buddy Program: The program supervisor and the cost of activities for an after school enrichment and community program, which pairs older students with younger, at risk students in structured mentoring relationships.

Concord Carlisle Youth Services Coordinator: Partial funding for a Youth Services Coordinator to build a network for Concord and Carlisle youth, families, neighbors, schools, and organizations to connect young people to resources and programs that support and nurture youth social, emotional and development needs.

English at Large: English language and cultural instruction programs in Concord and Carlisle for new immigrants and refugees.


Concord Area Preschool Association (CAPA): Scholarships for Concord and Carlisle families who could not otherwise afford the cost of preschool for their children.

Concord Children’s Center: Partial tuition for approximately 27 children whose families live or work in Concord and Carlisle and who meet income guidelines for assistance.

Concord Recreation: Partial support for scholarships for approximately 70 Concord and Carlisle families to enable their children to attend summer camp.

Metro West Legal Services: The direct provision of free civil legal services to poor, elderly and disabled residents of Concord and Carlisle.

Carlisle COA $7,700
Center for Parents and Teachers $26,000
Communities for Restorative Justice (C4RJ) $2,500
Community Services Coordinator $29,734
Concord Area Preschool Association $13,500
Concord Art $700
Concord Children’s Center $43,000
Concord Council on Aging $34,098
Concord Public Schools – Teen Buddy Program $10,000
Concord Recreation Department $12,000
Concord-Carlisle Youth Services $17,500
Concord-Carlisle Adult & Community Education $15,000
Cooperative Elder Services $8,000
Dignity In Asylum $10,000
Discovery Museum $1,150
Domestic Violence Services Network $40,000
Eliot Community Human Services $30,000
English at Large $4,000
First Connections $24,000
Friday Night Fun Club $2,000
Gaining Ground $22,000
Grow A Strong Family $2,000
Household Goods $3,350
MetroWest Legal Services $20,000
Minute Man Arc for Human Services $56,500
Minuteman Senior Services $50,000
Open Table $25,000
The Nature Connection $8,000
Virginia Thurston Healing Garden $2,325
 Total  $520,057