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MetroWest Legal Services (MWLS)

MetroWest Legal Services provides free civil legal services to low-income, elderly, and disabled residents of Concord and Carlisle, in the areas of housing, domestic violence, immigration for victims of domestic violence and unaccompanied minors, elder law, access to special education services, among others.

Funding from the Community Chest Allocations Grant will support the provision of direct legal services to residents of Concord and Carlisle as well as outreach and training to client groups and service providers and through strong community partnerships with Open Table, Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN), and The Eliot Center. In addition, the funds will help to support the staffing for Lawyer for the Day in the Northeast Housing Court session where tenants in Concord and Carlisle can receive advice and limited assistance in Tier 1 court mediation sessions.

The Cornerstone Initiative Innovation Grant will support the following model of delivering legal services in a healthcare setting: Seeing an unmet need in the community, MetroWest Legal Services will create a Medical Legal Partnership with Emerson Hospital to provide free legal services for their low-income patients. Emerson medical staff sees patients with issues that could benefit from legal assistance. While some referrals are made, many legal issues go unaddressed because they are not identified or because the patient does not connect to the referral. Patients also may not follow up for a variety of reasons. By integrating legal assistance as a core component of patient care, this medical legal partnership will address the complex needs of vulnerable patients. 

MetroWest Legal Services

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