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MetroWest Legal Services (MWLS)

MWLS provides free civil legal advocacy to protect and advance the rights of the poor, elderly, disabled, and other disenfranchised people. MWLS assists eligible persons in 36 communities in securing access to basic needs and in challenging institutional barriers in order to achieve equal justice for all—advocates represent battered victims in contested family law cases, defend tenants to prevent them from becoming homeless, advocate in schools for children with special needs, help elderly and disabled people in obtaining disability, welfare and medical benefits, and assist people making the transition from welfare to work. The MWLS staff represents approximately 2,200 low-income and elderly clients each year.

Funding from the Community Chest will support the provision of direct legal services to residents of Concord and Carlisle as well as outreach and training to those communities through MWLS collaboration with other nonprofits including Open Table and Domestic Violence Services Network (DVSN).

MetroWest Legal Services

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