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Open Table

Open Table is a food pantry program and mobile program serving 21 towns in Middlesex county. Currently, the food pantry programs operate at their Maynard site as a “fresh air” pantry with drive-through and walk-up options and in Concord and other communities through their mobile food program where they partner with local agencies. Last year there were more than 8,800 visits to the “fresh air” pantry. Open Table now distributes meals as part of the pantry program, through a “grab-and-go” distribution method and through their mobile food program.

The Community Chest Allocations Grant will support the general operating budget of Open Table including food purchases, operations, outreach, and capacity expansion.

The Cornerstone Initiative Innovation Grant will support several facets of their online and phone-in ordering system – the online integration of the system with their client management tool, which will track individual use and improve efficiency; building in the tracking of special pallet drops; and improving inventory management of the more than 700,000 pounds of food that Open Table receives and distributes each year.

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